Daxxify in Houston & San Antonio, TX

DermaTouch RN offers minimally invasive Daxxify® treatments for men and women in Houston, San Antonio, Spring, and Cypress, as well as the surrounding areas of Texas. We are the largest aesthetic practice in the Houston area and the largest provider of Daxxify® in Houston and the surrounding areas. All our medical spa treatments are performed by a team of nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and aestheticians who receive continuing education to remain abreast of emerging treatments that benefit our patients.

Botox® in Houston, TX

What is Daxxify?

Daxxify is a next-level neuromodulator for frown lines and forehead wrinkles. Neuromodulators are injectables that use botulinum toxin type A to temporarily relax the facial muscles and prevent contractions that cause dynamic wrinkles. Daxxify is unique because it is a peptide-powered neuromodulator made without human or animal byproducts. The addition of peptides strengthens the formula for long-lasting results.

Botox® in Houston, TX

How Much Does Daxxify Cost?

The average cost of Daxxify ranges from $16 to 20 per unit. The price of your overall treatment will be dependent on the number of units needed to achieve your desired results. but the cost will vary depending on how many injections are needed for your individual treatment. At your consultation, we will assess your skin and discuss the concerns you hope to treat to determine a more accurate cost. Injectable consultations cost $50, which we apply towards the cost of your Daxxify injections if purchased within 30 days of your consultation.

We strive to keep prices affordable so that everyone can achieve their cosmetic goals and feel comfortable in their skin. We also offer financing options from CareCredit® and United Medical Credit® with low monthly payment plans. Apply online before your consultation and receive an estimate in minutes for your payment plan.


Am I a Candidate for Daxxify?

Men and women who are bothered by severe frown lines (glabellar lines) or vertical forehead lines can benefit from Daxxify. Ideal candidates do not have an allergy to botulinum toxin or other ingredients and do not have open wounds in the treatment area. Patients should also wait to receive treatment if they are pregnant or breastfeeding.

How is Daxxify Performed?

Daxxify injectable treatments are performed in our comfortable office space. A fine needle will be used to inject Daxxify into the muscles responsible for your fine lines and wrinkles. The entire treatment takes less than 30 minutes and is not considered painful for most patients.

What is Recovery Like After Daxxify?

There is minimal downtime and recovery after Daxxify. Mild swelling and redness may occur around the injection sites, but these symptoms will improve within a few days. We recommend that patients avoid strenuous activity and sun exposure for about 24-48 hours. The results will start to be seen within two days and will continue to improve for about a week after treatment.

How Long Will Daxxify Results Last?

Daxxify results last about six months, but some patients can continue to see results up to nine months. Results will vary for each patient.

Daxxify in Houston & San Antonio, TX

For more than 10 years, the team of nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and aestheticians at DermaTouch RN has been providing excellence in minimally invasive Botox® treatments for men and women in Houston, San Antonio, Spring, and Cypress, and the nearby communities in Texas. We are one of the top 25 producing Allergan practices in the US and strive to give each patient natural anti-aging results. Our approach is why we have one of the highest retention rates in the Houston area, and our reviews demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach. To learn more about our practice and schedule a consultation for our medical spa services, contact us today.