Radiesse® in Houston & San Antonio, TX

DermaTouch RN offers minimally invasive Radiesse® treatments for men and women in Houston, San Antonio, Spring and Cypress, as well as the surrounding areas of Texas. We are the largest aesthetic practice in the Houston area, and the largest provider of Botox® in Houston and the neighboring communities. All our medical spa treatments are performed by a team of nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and aestheticians who receive continuing education to remain abreast of emerging treatments that benefit our patients.

What is Radiesse®?

Radiesse® is a collagen-boosting facial filler that offers men and women long-lasting anti-aging benefits. The filler is used for moderate to severe wrinkles and creases in the lower part of the face. Radiesse® works by a mechanism of tiny microspheres that stimulate collagen production, which is the support structure of your skin. As you age, you have less collagen in your body, and your skin weakens and gives way to wrinkles.

Radiesse® in Houston, TX
Radiesse® in Houston, TX

How Much Does Radiesse® Cost?

The average cost of our Radiesse® injections is $600 per syringe. After we work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan during the consultation, we can provide more details about the cost. We offer free consultations for all non-surgical body contouring procedures. All other consultations cost $50, which we apply towards the cost of your Radiesse® injections.

To provide excellence in care for men and women who want natural, minimally invasive treatments, we strive to keep our prices affordable. We also offer several financing options for which you may qualify, including CareCredit®, GreenSky®, and United Medical Credit®. You can apply online before your consultation and receive a decision within minutes.

What Are the Differences Between Radiesse® vs. Juvéderm®?

Radiesse® and Juvéderm® are both facial fillers. The key difference is how these products work to reduce wrinkles. Radiesse® relies on collagen, and Juvéderm® relies on increased hydration to plump skin. Because it relies on collagen, Radiesse® generally lasts longer than Juvéderm®.

How is Radiesse® Performed?

Radiesse® filler is administered with a thin needle. The gel formula gives the skin a boost that you can see right away. Collagen production can take six to eight weeks. You can learn more about what to expect by reading our Radiesse® reviews.

What is Recovery Like After Radiesse®?

Like our other dermal fillers and injectables, Radiesse® does not require downtime. While you may experience tenderness, redness or swelling at your injection sites after your treatment, this generally resolves on its own in a few days. All of our patients go back to their normal daily activities without restrictions immediately after treatment.

How Long Will Radiesse® Results Last?

Radiesse® generally lasts 12 to 18 months. This all depends on how quickly your body breaks down the new collagen. We recommend scheduling follow-up appointments to monitor your skin for signs that the collagen is being depleted, and perform additional injections before the effects are noticeable.

For more than 10 years, the team of nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and aestheticians at DermaTouch RN has been providing excellence in minimally invasive Radiesse® treatments for men and women in Houston, San Antonio, Spring and Cypress, and the nearby communities in Texas. Our approach is why we have one of the highest retention rates in the Houston area, and our reviews demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach. To learn more about our practice and schedule a consultation for our medical spa services, contact us today.