CoolSculpting is the most popular noninvasive fat reduction treatment on the market. It works on several body areas to reduce diet- and exercise-resistant fat, but does it work on postpartum belly fat? Read on to learn the answer to that question with a real patient testimonial following a C-section!

The popular CoolSculpting fat reduction treatment is known for its ability to reduce diet- and exercise-resistant fat in certain areas of the body. It’s FDA-cleared to treat the buttocks, bra fat, abdomen, inner and outer thighs, flanks, upper arms, back fat, and fat under the chin. But, does it work on postpartum belly fat? 

To answer this question, we turn to Aesthetician and CoolSculpting Specialist Nicci Pedroni for her expertise in treating those concerned with their postpartum body. Plus, we’re excited to share a Q&A with DermaTouch RN CoolSculpting patient Jazmyn Morris, who turned to CoolSculpting following a C-section for her postpartum belly.

How does CoolSculpting for postpartum belly work?

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical treatment that requires no downtime following treatment. It uses fat-freezing technology to freeze away unwanted fat cells. Once the cells are frozen, they’re naturally eliminated from the body for good and won’t ever return. As a result, there is a reduction in fat in the treatment area, while the areas surrounding the treatment area remain healthy and intact. 

Does CoolSculpting work on postpartum belly fat? Does CoolSculpting work on postpartum belly fat? Does CoolSculpting work on postpartum belly fat?

Does CoolSculpting work on C-section postpartum belly pooch?

Yes, it does!

When asked what level of reduction in post-baby pooch Pedroni sees in patients following CoolSculpting, she shared, “I personally see a good amount of fat reduction in the lower mid-section ranging between 40% to 80%, and clients can see a noticeable difference within the first 30 days from 20% to 25%. I love showing all the clients progress pictures from the first visit to the second visit – it’s a great motivation for clients to maintain their results.”

How long should I wait to have CoolSculpting after a C-section?

According to Pedroni, the recommendation is to wait a full year after having a C-section before trying CoolSculpting. 

“C-section clients are recommended to wait one year after birth to give time to allow the body to heal,” shared Pedroni, “We always want to be safe and ensure optimal results.”

How long should I wait to have CoolSculpting after a natural birth?

It’s suggested individuals wait at least six months after giving birth naturally before scheduling a CoolSculpting belly fat treatment. 

“We recommend waiting six months to one year following a natural birth prior to having a CoolSculpting treatment,” suggests Pedroni, “We also recommend that you are no longer breastfeeding at the time of treatment.” 

How many treatments will I need for my postpartum belly fat?

The number of treatments an individual needs varies between patients based on desired results, the treatment area, the level of fat volume, and body chemistry. 

Pedroni shares, “At DermaTouch RN, we treat all areas twice and 30 days apart from one another. Depending on the area and the fat volume, some clients might receive a third treatment.” 

Before treatment, all clients need a consultation to confirm that CoolSculpting is a good treatment option for them. At that time, they’ll receive an accurate quote and a personalized treatment plan to move forward.

CoolSculpting for postpartum belly pooch

 DTRN Patient Jazmyn Morris CoolSculpting Before & After

Q&A with Real DTRN Patient Jazmyn Morris

We’re thrilled to be able to share the perspective of someone who’s actually experienced CoolSculpting after having three babies by C-section. Jazmyn Morris is a client at DermaTouch RN who was generous in sharing her experience and insights about the treatment, as outlined below. 

 DTRN: Why did you want to try CoolSculpting at DTRN?

Jazmyn: I wanted a tummy tuck after my third C-section, and a friend told me about CoolSculpting. I had heard great things about what CoolSculpting could do, and it being noninvasive was a plus!

DTRN: What area did you choose for treatment, and why? 

Jazmyn: I had very hard scar tissue above my C-section scar that I called “my bubble” and thought it could not be removed without surgery. I decided to try this [CoolSculpting] first to see, and to my amazement, it worked! The hard scar tissue that was once there is soft again! I’ve also dropped many inches since my first CoolSculpting procedure.  

DTRN: When did this area start bothering you, and in what type of clothes did you notice it? 

Jazmyn: [It started bothering me] after my third C-section. Anytime I wore leggings or workout pants, I felt like I could see my fatty tissue through the pants. 

DTRN: How was your CoolSculpting experience at DTRN?

Jazmyn: AMAZING! First off, the location is beautiful! Everyone there is so welcoming, and Nicci, who did the actual procedure, answered all my questions and eased my nervousness about it – although there was really nothing to worry about!

DTRN: When did you first notice, feel, and/or see the results? 

Jazmyn: Three to four weeks in, I started noticing a difference. Halfway through the second month, my husband started noticing a difference. In month three, my clothes fit better, and that bubble I mentioned was nearly gone! 

DTRN: Would you recommend CoolSculpting to a family member or friend? Why? 

Jazmyn: Yes, absolutely. I tell all my friends, family, and clients about it and where to go for the BEST EXPERIENCE. You don’t have to live with that unwanted fat. Sometimes, dieting and exercise can only do so much. You have nothing to lose except your stubborn fat!!! I’m so thankful to Nicci and DermaTouch RN for literally changing my life. 

DTRN: Thank you, Jazmyn, for sharing your experience with us! We’re thrilled that you love the results!

CoolSculpting for postpartum belly

DTRN Patient Jazmyn Morris CoolSculpting Before & After

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Nicci Pedroni, MA


Nicci joined us as an Aesthetician/Laser Tech in March 2019. Nicci has over five years of experience in aesthetic treatments and looks forward to working with our clients on aesthetic treatments, such as DiamondGlow™, SkinPen, BBL, CoolSculpting ELITE, CoolTone, Ultherapy, Chemical Peels, and more. Learn more about Nicci and the team of professionals she works with at DermaTouch RN.

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