May I have your attention, please!?! Summertime is almost upon us, and it’s not too late to begin working on the body of your dreams. With CoolSculpting Elite, you can start now! Yes, right now! CoolSculpting results allow you to achieve the physique and improved figure that you desire. Do it just for yourself or in anticipation of your fun summer plans. Whatever the reason, you are worth it. Start now! 

Does it sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not. CoolSculpting results, while not a weight loss plan, quick fix or instant answer, are tried and true and FDA cleared. CoolSculpting Elite is a nonsurgical method that allows you to lose as much as 20 to 25 percent fat in just 1 to 3 months. 

So if that class reunion, that friend’s wedding, your own honeymoon, a long-awaited vacation is coming up soon, in June, July or those dog days of summer, you can be ready. CoolSculpting results give you your body back. CoolSculpting reviews give DermaTouch RN in San Antonio and Houston a #1 rating for CoolSculpting Elite.  

CoolSculpting Elite uses cooling technology

Say goodbye to stubborn fat with the noninvasive CoolSculpting Elite process of freezing fat cells. Applications in two areas simultaneously, with state-of-the-art “C” shaped treatment applicators, bring twice the results and cover more fat cell treatment areas than traditional CoolSculpting. This freezing technique called cryolipolysis is an FDA-approved nonsurgical method, and that means no knife, no anesthesia, no downtime. No brainer! 

It’s a great idea and a choice possibility for you! A fat cell dies when it’s frozen. When CoolSculpting treatment carefully targets the areas of stubborn fat, that fat is painlessly frozen. Your body gradually and naturally eliminates those dead fat cells over a period of 1 to 3 months. Voila! A more shapely and youthful you.

Fat cells are permanently removed with CoolSculpting Elite

When the selected area of stubborn fat cells is frozen with cryolipolysis, the process that brings CoolSculpting results, the fat is eliminated forever. Fat cells don’t like cold, especially freezing cold, so though they do not disappear instantly, they disappear over time. 

The body eliminates and gets rid of these dead fat cells gradually over a period of several months, and they are eliminated forever. Yes, you heard that correctly. Fat cells treated by CoolSculpting are permanently removed or eliminated from your body through this nonsurgical process. 

CoolSculpting before and after? Let’s call it the winter blues (or quarantine blues) versus summer fun and greater confidence and freedom. Feel good in your skin and with your thinner, more shapely physique with CoolSculpting results.

Houston CoolSculpting Results Before & After

CoolSculpting Results: Lose 20 to 25% of Fat

While CoolSculpting is not considered a weight-loss treatment, it does eliminate fat effectively and forever and is recommended for individuals close to their target or ideal weight. So, if you have exercised and dieted with some positive results, and still have problem areas, love handles, a little extra belly fat, fat pockets here and there that won’t seem to budge, then you are a great candidate for CoolSculpting. 

It is a safe and effective treatment backed by years of science and is FDA approved. Specific areas that respond well to treatment, in addition to love handles and belly fat, are inner thighs, upper arms, fat just below the buttocks, back fat or bra line fat, even fat pockets under the chin.

CoolSculpting reviews are available nearly wherever you turn and support and confirm the 20 to 25% fat loss statistics. CoolSculpting cost is customized for each client, as are the individual fat loss goals. Multiple areas can be treated or just a few. You choose, and whatever your choice, significant fat loss is an achievable goal over a 1 to 3 month period after your individualized treatment. 

how long do CoolSculpting Results last?

No downtime, needles, or anesthesia required

Why would you choose to go under the knife if you can lie comfortably and leisurely on a treatment table in a warm cozy room while listening to your music of choice or watching a movie while comfortably having your stubborn pockets of fat cells and problem areas of fat simply frozen “away.” No anesthesia is required. This “very cool” CoolSculpting procedure is affordable compared to surgery that often includes an overnight stay in a hospital or facility, anesthesia costs, additional pharmaceuticals, and follow-ups, not to mention the needles and knives.  

CoolSculpting costs are far less in comparison, and are virtually painless and offer superior results. Some individuals may experience mild tingling, redness and slight residual numbness in the treated areas, perhaps slight swelling, but these effects subside as the body eliminates the frozen fat cells. CoolSculpting cost in comparison to surgical options for weight loss is a winning choice. Call DermaTouch RN San Antonio or Houston to get started today.   

DermaTouch RN is the #1 CoolSculpting Elite Provider in San Antonio and Houston

CoolSculpting reviews will lead you straight to DermaTouch RN in San Antonio and Houston, the # 1 spot and a leader in both cities, and a top choice for skincare and cosmetic treatments, including nonsurgical, noninvasive CoolSculpting Elite treatment. 

The CoolSculpting cost is “approachable” and more than manageable at DermaTouch RN, where plans are customized and created specifically to fit your budget and beauty goals. Many financing options are available, and DermaTouch RN will customize a plan to help you achieve your goals and get your body ready for summer. 

So ladies and gentlemen, while you’re making plans to “reenter” the world post quarantine and with the options for Covid protection with vaccine choices, put your best self forward with a body makeover with CoolSculpting Elite at DermaTouch RN. You won’t regret it. In fact, you’ll be glad that you read the CoolSculpting reviews and made an appointment to take a look at CoolSculpting before and after options.

What are you waiting for? Take a look at your beautiful self and know that you can freeze (and lose) those extra pounds, CoolSculpting before and after photos are provided for you IF you want them, and CoolSculpting results are worth the reasonable CoolSculpting cost.

You can book your consultation online 24/7 or call 713.895.9090 (Houston) or 210.951.3520 (San Antonio) to schedule!

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