When might you need a Botox touch-up? And how many Botox treatments will you need in a year to maintain results? Read on to find out…

Botox and Botox touch-ups have become a regular part of millions of people’s skincare routines throughout the world.  As the number one minimally invasive cosmetic treatment on the market as reported by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, people from all walks of life trust Botox to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Over 4.4 million people had Botox injections in 2020 alone.

Botox has been FDA-approved for cosmetic use since 2002. It is a safe and effective treatment to treat moderate to several facial lines and wrinkles. Wrinkles on the forehead and around the outside corners of the eyes, including frown lines (glabellar lines), crow’s feet, and forehead lines, are FDA-approved treatment areas for Botox Cosmetic.

Many use Botox Cosmetic for off-label treatments, as well. Off-label implies that the treatment area is not an FDA-approved treatment area for the product or treatment, though many providers use Botox for off-label treatments due to its effectives. Common off-label uses of Botox include:

  • Lifting the eyebrow
  • Lifting the corners of the mouth
  • Smoothing the chin area, or cobblestone chin
  • Reducing the appearance of bunny lines across the bridge of the nose
  • Smoothing the jawline

Units of Botox - Bunny Lines and Cobblestone Chin

Botox is safe and effective

Botox has been tested and studied for years. Millions of individuals around the world utilize Botox Cosmetic to help them meet their skin care goals. When used appropriately in a cosmetic context, Botox is safe, effective, and has few rare side effects.

Botox treats wrinkles caused by dynamic muscle movement

Dynamic wrinkles are wrinkles that occur when we make facial expressions. As soon are our muscles relax or return to their resting state, the dynamic wrinkles disappear. Over time, dynamic wrinkles become static wrinkles that progressively deepen. The repetitious movement of the muscles and the natural aging process are what cause dynamic wrinkles to become static ones.

Botox Before & After

Botox is a neuromodulator

Botox is injected into the muscles right below the skin. It is a neuromodulator that paralyzes, or freezes, the muscles in which it is injected. This process occurs as Botox disrupts the never signaling process that tells your brain to contract your muscles.

For a muscle to contract, the chemical messenger acetylcholine is released by the nerve where muscle cells meet the nerve ending. Acetylcholine attaches to the muscle cell receptors and wha-la, the muscle contracts!

With Botox injections, the muscles are temporarily paralyzed, or frozen, preventing them from contracting. Once the muscles freeze, they relax, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is improved.

Are Botox results instant?

Unlike results from most dermal filler treatments, Botox results are not instant. After being injected into the muscles, Botox takes an average of 5 to 12 days to provide full results. Some see results in as little as 3 to 5 days following treatment, with full effects occurring by day 12.

When will I need a Botox touch-up?

There are two reasons for Botox injections following an initial Botox treatment: 1) a Botox touch-up shortly following treatment and 2) to maintain results.

Botox touch-up shortly after Botox treatment

After the results of a Botox treatment are visible, an individual might need a Botox touch-up to achieve the desired results. A Botox touch-up typically requires a dozen units of Botox or less. The Botox touch-up cost can be as little as $30 and as much as upwards of $150, depending on how many units are required.

How frequently do I need to get Botox to maintain results?

Botox lasts for an average of 4 to 6 months. As Botox results wear off, additional injections are required to maintain results. The number of units required for follow-up treatments may be more or less than the initial treatment or previous treatments.

How many Botox treatments are needed per year?

Since the results of Botox last an average of 4 to 6 months for most, an individual will need somewhere between 2 and 4 treatments per year to maintain results.

The cost of Botox treatments varies

The cost of Botox Cosmetic treatments varies based on the provider, area being treated, and location of the provider. Botox is generally charged per unit, with a range of $10 to $15 per unit on average. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the average cost of a Botox treatment was $466 in 2020.

At DermaTouch RN, our Botox pricing starts at just $9.50 per unit. We offer discounts based on the number of units injected:

  • Treatments of 1 – 29 units = $12 per unit
  • Treatment of 30 – 49 units = $10 per unit
  • Treatments of 50+ units = $9.50 per unit

Many MedSpas and clinics, like DermaTouch RN, also offer discounts on dermal filler and Botox packages.

Botox and dermal fillers are a great complement to each other. Botox is primarily used to treat the lines and wrinkles of the forehead and on the outside corners of the eyes. Dermal fillers, like Juvederm, are used to fill in lines and wrinkles and add volume to areas such as the cheeks and lips. Juvederm is also a great product for chin contouring and facial balancing.

Botox for men and Botox for women

Botox is for men and women, alike. The number of units of Botox to achieve desired results varies between patients based on their needs and desired results. However, some average dosage amounts have been provided by Allergan, the maker of Botox:

  • Forehead lines – 15 to 30 units of Botox
  • Frown lines – up to 40 units
  • Crow’s feet – 6 to 10 units per eye

Botox for men may require a higher dosage when compared to Botox for women. A man’s bone and muscle positioning are different than a woman’s, and therefore, care needs to be taken to ensure the proper dosage is administered for optimal results.

It is essential to work with a Botox provider that understands the facial anatomy of both men and women and how Botox works for each.

DermaTouch RN is the #1 provider of Botox in Houston

The team of professional injectors at DermaTouch RN has been serving the Texas community for more than a decade. With 1000s of units of Botox injected for satisfied clients, we also offer some of the best pricing available for Botox and other cosmetic treatments, including dermal fillers, like Juvederm. On top of our regular low prices, we also offer DermaTouch RN  monthly specials for even greater savings.

If you have any questions about Botox injections, you can contact our Houston or San Antonio office. You can also book your Botox appointment online 24/7!

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