The best holiday stocking stuffer ideas for skin care lovers…

Perhaps you’ve made some progress on your holiday shopping list for the beauty and skin care obsessed ladies on your list, as well as the well-groomed men, too. Though if you’re still seeking an ideal gift for a friend or family member on your list, no worries! We’ve got you covered with stocking stuffer ideas for her and stocking stuffer ideas for him.

We team up with DermaTouch’s very own Amanda Burns, Marketing Manager and Licensed Aesthetician, to share some of the best and most sought-after skin care and beauty holiday stocking stuffer ideas. Whether you’re looking for a holiday stocking stuffer or a gift to wrap for under the tree, this article provides some options loved by those who care about their skin.

Burns shares, “ If you have a friend that’s expressed they’re looking for good products they haven’t tried before, the holiday is the perfect opportunity to give them a quality product as a gift they’ll appreciate, since the holidays are the perfect time to try something new that you have not tried before. Especially during the winter months, people want to take care of your skin to prevent dryness and find the best products to support that.”

Read on for some of the best holiday stocking stuffers and gifts to share this season.  

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Best Holiday Stocking Stuffer Ideas

As you’re pondering what to give your friend that he or she will love this holiday season, use the list below to help. We share some of the top-rated skin care products, broken down by price.  

Pro-Tip: We want to be sure to present you with products that truly work, so many of the products in the list are considered to be medical-grade skincare, backed by science and research through the well known brand, SkinMedica. If you’re looking to provide gifts that offer results, these are the types of products to gift to others. 

Under $25

Elta MD UV Lip Balm – $14.00

This lip balm contains 5% Hydromanil™ and offers a long-lasting and creamy moisturizing treatment to protect  and soothe dry, chapped and sun-exposed lips.

Makeup Eraser Cleansing Clothes – $20.00

The original Magic Makeup Eraser allows you to erase ALL makeup with just water, even waterproof mascara! They’re machine washable, reusable, last 3 to 5 years, and are environmentally friendly. One erase equates to 3600 makeup wipes!

Under $50

SkinMedica Essential Defense Mineral Tinted SunscreenEssential Defense Mineral Sunscreen, and Essential Clear Defense Sunscreen: $38.00

These sunscreens are formulated with top ingredients and offer the highest level of UVA protection available, with UVB coverage, as well. 

AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser: $46.00

This lovely exfoliating cleaners improves the skin’s appearance while gently scrubbing away dead skin. 

Instant Bright Eye Masks: $47.50

These eye masks are a fun way to take care of the delicate eye area. They offer ultra-hydration and visibly improve eye puffiness. They work perfectly with Instant Bright Eye Cream. 

EltaMD Sunscreen and EltaMD Tinted Sunscreen: From $41.00 – $43.00

EltaMD Sunscreen and Tinted Sunscreen provide fabulous UV protection while hydrating the face. These sunscreens can be worn alone or under makeup for daily use. They’re also perfect for your friends following cosmetic treatments and procedures, as they’re listed as “post procedure” options. 

Under $75

Revitabrow: From $60.00

If your friends talk about wanting lush and beautiful brows, this treatment’s for them! Revitabrow is an eyebrow conditioner & serum for more luscious-looking brows. It was created by physicians to address visible signs of eyebrow aging from chemical and environmental stressor and  over-grooming and styling products. 

SkinMedica HA5 Smooth & Plump Lip System Duo: $65.00

The lips need extra special care, especially during the dryer winter months. You’re friends will love this two-step treatment that’s clinically shown to plump the appearance of lips while smoothing and hydrating with hyaluronic acid (HA). 

SkinMedica Total Defense+ Repair Tinted Sunscreen and Total Defense+ Repair Sunscreen: $63.00

If your loved ones are seeking a treatment that not only protects against the sun, but also has anti-aging properties, then this product’s for them. These formulas support the skin’s ability to restore itself while protecting against the sun’s rays. 

Under $125

Instabright Eye Cream: $87.50

This luxurious eye cream has scientifically-backed ingredients that support pigment correction and hydration for a comprehensive eye treatment. 

TNS Eye Repair: $101.00

As an advanced eye repair treatment, TNS eye repair helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles around the eye area.

Under $150

SkinMedica HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator: $112.00

Hyaluronic acid helps to hydrate the skin to plump and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also supports the body’s natural ability to replenish its own hyaluronic acid to improve skin health. 

Under $175

Revitalash: From $152

For your friends that envy long, luscious lashes, then they’ll thank you for Revitalsh! Revitalash is a lash conditioner & serum created by physicians to address the visible signs of eyelash aging linked to chemical and environmental stressors.

SkinMedica Firm and Tone Body Lotion: $157.00

If you hear your friends complain about sagging or aging skin on their body, they’ll smile when they open this gift from you. As a powerfully effective, targeted treatment, it prevents and addresses visible signs of skin aging for a more youthful, toned appearance.

Under $300

SkinMedica TNS Advance+ Serum: $280.50

Give your friends and loved ones a bit of love this holiday season with TNS Advanced+ Serum, and they’re sure to love you back. TNS is a next-generation growth-factor treatment that improves the appearance of fine lines, coarse wrinkles, texture, and skin tone. 

holiday stocking stuffer ideas

Holiday Gift Cards Always Please

Giving gift cards to your friends and family members from their favorite MedSpa or beauty-focused store in their area is a gift virtually anyone loves. Plus, you can often purchase a gift card last minute online from thousands of establishments. 

Burns shares, “Gift cards are a great gift if you’re not sure what to get another person. It is especially good if you are looking for a last minute gift idea since you can typically purchase gift cards on a company’s website. At DermaTouch RN, we offer gift cards for purchase on our website and in our clinics.”

MedSpa Services to Gift to Your Friends

For those that prefer to give a gift that is focused on an actual service instead of a gift card, you want to purchase a service that can work for virtually anyone. Some MedSpa services and treatments might not be suitable for all individuals, so it’s best to stick with a versatile option that meets the needs of a myriad of skin types.

So what are some services you might consider purchasing as a gift?

Facials tend to work well for almost anyone, and they’re typically lower-priced than other services–they can cost anywhere from $75 to $300, depending on the type of facial and what it treats. You can search online to see what types of facials local clinics offer in your friend’s area, or you can pick up the phone and give establishments a call to see what’s popular at their clinic. 

Burns suggests the DiamondGlow facial as an appropriate gift for virtually anyone. The treatment combines the benefits of deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, and nutrient infusion into a single treatment. DiamondGlow is a comfortable and quick treatment to rejuvenate the skin. 

“The DiamondGlow treatment is one of the top gifts purchased for another person at our clinic. There is no down time, and it offers a great little pick me up for the skin.” 

A few final words of advice on giving the gift of beauty and skin care…

For those that are unsure of what they need or want, a skin consultation is the perfect opportunity to find out. Whether you want injections or a skin treatment, it’s a good idea to first schedule a skin analysis with pictures and have a consultation to address any skin concerns and treatment goals you might have.

Thus, as part of your gift, or as the gift itself, you can choose to purchase a skin care consultation for your friends and loved ones. They’ll receive the gift of knowledge on how to best take care of their skin, and from there, can purchase the best products and treatments for their specific needs. 

Amanda Burns, Licensed Aesthetician, Esthetics Instructor

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As Marketing Director of DermaTouch RN, Amanda brings a valuable combination of esthetics and marketing experience to the table. After graduating from the Esthetics Program at Aveda Institute of Arts & Sciences in Lafayette, LA in 2013, she went on to receive several other certifications in medical esthetics and launched her own business. As many business owners do, she wore several hats to support her business, including marketing, and quickly learned how to market and design a brand to attract her clientele. Through this experience, she fell in love with social media management and graphic design. As other estheticians began to take notice of Amanda’s marketing success, they began reaching out to her for support, which naturally led to her consulting in social media management, design, branding, and marketing. Amanda also holds a Louisiana Esthetics Instructor License and taught for a year and a half before moving to Houston, TX to launch her marketing career full-time. Read more about Amanda and the team she works with…


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