What do we mean when we ask, “Are you a 111, 11, or 1?”

When we talk about “1”, “11” and “111” we’re not talking about your age but about those pesky and frustrating lines between your eyebrows. Most people have what are called “11” wrinkles; two lines between their brows. Others just have a “1” and still others may have three, or “111”. These lines become more pronounced with aging, but Botox specials are a viable solution.

Botox® in Houston, TX

What causes forehead lines?

We use our faces to express so many emotions; happiness, sadness, surprise, laughter, anger, frustration and more. We squint, we concentrate, we focus, and all of these expressions use a myriad of muscles over and over again. This repetitive muscle movement together with the loss of elasticity in aging skin results in wrinkles and lines. “Crows feet” appear around the eyes, horizontal lines across the forehead, and those furrowed “1”, “11” or “111” between our eyebrows. While some lines are normal and attractive, these progressive deepening wrinkles can result in a weary, worried, and older-than-our-actual-age look. If you are looking for BOTOX specials in Houston, DermaTouch RN can provide a trusted and proven option to reduce or eliminate these wrinkles and restore a more refreshed and youthful appearance.

Is BOTOX safe?

BOTOX cosmetic received its FDA-approval in 2002 and is the leader among facial aesthetic treatments. As the most popular cosmetic procedure in the United States, as well as in nearly 80 countries worldwide, research shows that 3.5 million men and women have safely and successfully used BOTOX since 2013 alone.

How does BOTOX work?

An injectable neurotoxin, BOTOX is administered into the facial muscles with a small needle to the areas of concern by your highly trained professional. Nerve impulses to those muscles are interrupted, thus the muscles relax and the wrinkles soften, sometimes disappearing completely. Results vary and your BOTOX Houston specialist can design a treatment plan to meet your concerns. Look for BOTOX specials on our website

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