How do you ensure your skin comes out of Halloween shenanigans healthy and intact? With these after-Halloween skin care tips recommended by top professionals… 

Halloween is an ideal time to amp up the makeup to make the perfect costume truly perfect. Think Halloween makeup looks with extra long lashes, layered makeup, ruby red lips for the excellent final touches on your Marilyn Monroe outfit, or fake blood for the added special effect for a Carrie-themed party. But after all of the fun that includes that heavy makeup, a few drinks at your friend’s party, and popping in some Halloween candy treats, your skin can take a hit, which can feel more like a trick than a treat. 

So, how do you ensure your skin comes out of Halloween healthy and intact? With a little TLC, while applying the following suggestions recommended by top professionals in the industry. 

Pampering your skin after Halloween

DermaTouch RN Aesthetician, Krys Givens, is a go-to favorite for those seeking tips to keep their skin looking its best. She shares some insights on how to avoid unwanted side effects and adverse reactions when getting all dressed and made up for Halloween. 

After Halloween skin care tips 

The key steps to keep your skin healthy and looking its best following your Halloween playtime include using the right Halloween skin care products when applying the following steps:

  1. Take the makeup off before you go to be
  2. Use a high-quality cleanser
  3. Get rid of the final residue
  4. Treat yourself (and your face)
  5. Hydrate and moisturize your skin
  6. Don’t forget about your eyes and lips

1. Take the makeup off before you go to bed

This should be a given as part of any healthy skincare routine. Aesthetician Krys Givens, shares that micellar water or a cleansing balm appropriate for your skin type are good options. “Or, you can try Dermalogica’s Precleanse, a long-time favorite of mine that’s appropriate for all skin types.”

2. Use a high-quality cleanser

“Cleanser should be appropriate for your skin type so as not to irritate skin, but that’s also supportive for the cleansing process,” Givens shares, “Elta MD’s Foaming Facial Cleanser that’s available at DermaTouch RN is a great choice. This luxurious foaming cleanser is pH balanced and won’t leave your skin feeling dry. It’s also appropriate for all skin types.” 

When you’re ready to remove your makeup, spend a couple of minutes cleansing, paying special attention to the eyes, where more makeup is typically applied. 

“It’s also important to give special attention to the inner cheeks and nose, where makeup, dirt, and oil can settle in pores and nose folds.”

3. Get rid of the final residue

Halloween makeup is often caked on and heavy, so you want to make sure you get rid of it all. 

Exfoliation is the key to help wipe away any remaining residue that’s left after removing Halloween makeup,” Givens shares, “SkinMedica’s AHA/BHA Cleanser is a great choice, as it has both physical and chemical exfoliating properties, yet is gentle enough for nearly all types of skin. It also helps to brighten dull skin.” 

When using exfoliating products, like SkinMedica’s AHA/BHA cleanser, some may need to use the product only a couple of times per week due to skin sensitivity, while others may be able to tolerate daily use.

“Another option is to use toner or witch hazel to ensure there is no lasting residue, both of which also help to balance the pH of the skin.”

4. Treat yourself (and your face)

“Halloween could be a great time to implement your favorite at-home hydrating, soothing, detoxifying, or purifying face mask,” shares Givens, “For those with sensitive skin, consider a mask with hydrating and soothing ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, aloe, ceramides, vitamin E, and botanicals. For those who experience breakouts or clogged pores, an optimal choice will include ingredients such as charcoal, clays, matcha tea, and green tea.” 

And for a little “me” time while masking, you can opt to take a few minutes for yourself with a relaxing cup of tea or a glass of wine. 

5. Hydrate and moisturize your skin

Moisturizing the skin and hydrating the skin are two different things. Moisturizing the skin helps to lock in moisture through the top layer of the skin. Hydrating the skin involves using HA, or hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in our bodies that hydrates the skin to help it retain moisture, which helps to plump and volumize it.

Unfortunately, as we age HA decreases, which can lead to fine lines, wrinkles, and a hollow appearance in some areas. Using topical HA can help to replenish HA to support the skin, giving it a more plump and healthier appearance. 

“For those with normal or dry skin types, or if your daily regimen already includes the use of HA, apply the HA product prior to your moisturizer,” Givens suggests, “You also want to give your skin a couple of minutes to absorb the HA product prior to applying moisturizer. I often recommend SkinMedica’s HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator. It includes five different types of hyaluronic acid to address both short- and long-term hydration for up to eight hours. It can also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and supports the skin’s ability to replenish and retain moisture on its own, which is key for rebalancing dry skin.”

When it comes to moisturizing, use a moisturizer or cream appropriate for your skin type. 

“Do not over moisturize, as this could congest the skin, resulting in breakouts.”

7. Don’t forget about your eyes and lips

When you’re pampering your skin, you don’t want to forget about taking care of your eyes and lips. 

“Apply eye cream, gently tapping around the eye with your ring finger,” suggests Givens, “Do not rub or pull this delicate skin.”

For the lips, you want to both exfoliate and moisturize. 

A great DIY lip polish can be made with coconut oil, or the oil of your choice, and raw sugar. The polish is not intended to use on the entire face, but it can be made into a luxurious body scrub. 

Givens shares that the ratio for this yummy DIY lip polish is approximately 4:1 raw sugar to coconut oil. You can add more or less sugar to create the consistency or your preference. 

DIY Lip Polish: 4 Parts Raw Sugar to 1 Part Coconut Oil

Once the mask is ready, gently rub it on your lips for approximately 30 seconds, then wipe off any excess product and follow with your favorite hydrating lip product. 

“Seek out lip products containing long-term moisturizers, including shea butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, almond oil, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, and even beeswax. One of my personal go-tos and recommendations for my clients is SkinMedica’s HA5 Lip Duo.”

Halloween skin care tips

What NOT to do following Halloween

Givens shares the following are no-nos when it comes to Halloween skin care Halloween day or evening fun. 

  • Don’t go to bed with your makeup on (ever!!!). A cardinal rule of skin care is to ensure you go to bed with a makeup free and clean face. You risk clogged pores leading to breakouts and infections if you go to bed with makeup on (not to mention a dirty pillow!).
  • Don’t count on makeup wipes to do the trick. Makeup wipes should be used only when you need a refresh, or perhaps as the first step to removing daily makeup prior to an appropriate cleanse. Makeup wipes will not suffice for removing layered makeup, special effects makeup, or camouflaging makeup. The pre-cleanse options (e.g., cleansing balm, micellar water) mentioned above should be used instead.
  • Avoid making changes. Halloween, or during any special event, is not the best time to change your entire product line-up since doing so could cause breakouts and other skin-adjusting side effects. It takes two weeks or more for skin to adjust to new products, and skin could respond with breakouts, dryness, or flakiness. And though these adverse effects are temporary, they can be uncomfortable and impact that perfect Halloween or special event look. 
  • Don’t use low-grade makeup. When choosing your Halloween makeup (and makeup in general), it’s best to avoid ingredients like talc, glues, toxic metals, and formaldehyde. Be sure to do a patch test on your inner arm 48 hours prior to using new products, especially for those with sensitive skin.

Additional Halloween skin care beauty tips

Now that you know how to avoid skin mishaps following your Halloween fun, here are some additional tips to keep your skin glowing after Halloween and beyond. 

Eat healthily. Try to limit the candy, tempting Halloween treats, and junk food. We’re not saying not to have fun and enjoy yourself, but be mindful and make and effort not to overdo it. 

“Consider a detox juice or smoothie, along with salads and plenty of healthy vegetables the next day,” shares Givens.

Drink plenty of water. This one is especially important if you’re consuming any amount of alcohol at your Halloween event. 

“Enjoy warm water with lemon or an herbal detox tea to help with detoxification efforts the next day.”

Use the makeup you already have. For those with sensitive skin, consider creating your look with the makeup brands you use every day, rather than opting for special Halloween makeup. This will help you prevent adverse reactions to a new makeup brand or type.

Consider some extra selfcare. If you find yourself desiring a bit of additional TLC post your Halloween makeup, consider scheduling a facial, like SkinMedica’s DiamondGlow, with a professional Aesthetician.

Use these Halloween skin care tips to ensure you continue to look and feel your best following any special event that requires extra makeup coverage, like Halloween. You can enjoy yourself without worrying about how your costume makeup will impact your skin. As with any skincare routine, it’s best to consult a professional before making changes to your skincare line-up.  

Krys Givens, Aesthetician 

Krys Givens - Halloween Skin Care Tips Expert

Krys Givens is a Houston-based Aesthetician with a long-standing passion for the beauty and wellness industry. As a lifelong learner who remains current on the best skin care products and treatments for her clients, she is driven by the desire to support patients in achieving their most confident and best self through proven aesthetic and cosmetic applications. Learn more about Krys and the team of professionals she works with.

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