Each and every day of 2022 brings new concepts, better technology and fresh options for skincare and non surgical aesthetic and cosmetic treatments, especially among laser skin treatments. That is not to say that the “industry standards” like Halo, Moxi and BBL are not still definite “go to’s” for skincare solutions. BUT, happy news alert – we’d like to introduce a couple of new kids on the block that provide you with the newest laser skin treatments and skin tightening opportunities. They are Glacial RX and CoolPeel. More about these “new kids” in a moment.

First let’s talk about the benefits of laser skin treatments. MedSpa laser skin treatments are designed to target and resolve specific skincare concerns and allow you to reveal your youngest looking skin. A personalized consultation with a DermaTouch RN specialist is the place to begin. You will learn about the extensive menu of laser skin care treatments available as well as the newest skin tightening options. A skilled DermaTouch RN professional can help you choose the very best treatments to achieve the look and skin improvement that you are after.

Perhaps you are planning to attend a special summer wedding and you of course want to look your best, or you’ve planned a dream cruise vacation after being grounded by the pandemic for too long. Whatever your reason for wanting to reveal a younger looking you, there are plenty of laser skin treatment options that can be your ticket to beauty paradise. 

Newest Skin Tightening and Laser Therapy Treatments

Laser skin treatments provide stellar skin improvement and treat many skin issues and conditions. Acne scarring, active acne, signs of premature aging, hyperpigmentation and over exposure to the sun all respond well and can all be improved with laser skin therapies. Fine lines and wrinkles can also be minimized with laser skin therapies.

Laser skin treatments are minimally invasive and non surgical. What’s not to love about skin treatments that don’t require going under the knife but instead bring beautiful results with a simple series of treatments.

So let’s meet these two new kids in the newest skin tightening arena.


First, let’s meet CoolPeel. CoolPeel treatment is one of the newest skin tightening options on the aesthetic market. Using an ablative laser, intense infrared light is delivered to the outer layers of your skin. CoolPeel can be used to treat the face, neck and chest and is non-invasive. CoolPeel treatment brings superior results without the risk of surgery. It is an effective treatment targeting the uppermost layer of your skin and is administered in a short in-office procedure requiring no downtime. CoolPeel both prevents and corrects skin issues, so it is perfect for all age groups and skin types.

CoolPeel targets and treats signs of premature aging, fine lines and wrinkles, and skin growths that are benign, like skin tags and moles. Conditions like rosacea, enlarged pores, acne scarring and other scars (like from falling off your bicycle) all can be significantly improved with CoolPeel. You can achieve improved skin texture and tone.

Glacial RX

Glacial RX, the second of two latest-greatest new skin laser treatments, uses a freezing technology called CryoModulation. This procedure temporarily freezes the skin’s melanocytes and results in less production of melanin or pigment as the skin cells restore themselves and heal. In other words, new cells grow with less pigment resulting in a much more even skin tone. It is a perfect age spot treatment and is the first FDA-cleared dark spot treatment of its kind.

Your skin will show immediate improvement and rejuvenation after treatment and consistent and continued improvement over the next month post treatment. The patented cooling technology used in Glacial RX was created by the same innovative doctors who created CoolSculpting for fat reduction. Say goodbye to your hyperpigmentation and age spots with Glacial RX treatment at DermaTouchRN.

Additional Laser Therapy Treatments


Halo is considered a hybrid fractional laser. What does that mean? It means that Halo addresses skin issues both on the surface of the skin (top layer of your epidermis) and also treats what is known as the dermis, or the underlying tissue just below the surface.

Halo is a comprehensive corrective laser treatment for face, neck, chest, arms and hands. Halo corrects scarring, sun damage, discoloration and uneven skin tone and enlarged pores. This procedure is one of the most effective laser treatments for fine lines and moderate wrinkles.


Moxi is a preventative non ablative laser skin treatment for the superficial epidermis of the face. In a short 30 minute treatment Moxi helps address and prevent sun damage and skin discolorations. With a focus on skin tone improvement this non-invasive resurfacing laser treatment partners well with BBL photofacial treatment.

BBL (broadband light)

BBL photofacial technology is a customizable corrective laser treatment used primarily to target signs of sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles and to resurface and restore your skin’s  texture and vibrancy. Because the technology of BBL allows for higher energy levels to be used safely, you can achieve the results you want in fewer treatments.


Profractional is a deep tissue laser skin treatment that helps to address and correct 7 issues of concern on the skin of the face, neck, chest and arms. Profractional is used to treat and improve:

  • Sun damage
  • Hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration
  • Dull skin tone
  • Uneven skin texture
  • Skin laxity or sagging skin
  • Acne scarring
  • Enlarged pores

Because Profractional is a deeper and corrective laser treatment recovery time is a bit longer than other laser treatments.

DermaTouch RN Offers Advanced Laser Treatments 

DermaTouch RN offers the latest and greatest in cosmetic and aesthetic skin care treatments, particularly in advanced and state-of-the-art laser treatment therapies. DermaTouch RN offers a team of highly trained and skilled professionals who will guide you through a personalized skin care improvement journey to uncover a younger looking you. Whatever your beauty or skin care goal may be, the DermaTouch RN team can guide you to a solution.

Pricing for laser treatment therapies at DermaTouch RN are competitive and affordable with excellent and personalized financing options. With locations in both San Antonio and Houston you can begin NOW to improve your skin and be ready for your summer adventures. Let the “laser light show” begin!

You can book your consultation or appointment online 24/7!

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